The Artistry of Sustainability

Arriving back from my Italian adventure I went from one nature saturated location back home to my beloved Wolf Creek sanctuary.  It is wonderful to be back....and I will be seeking out more sustainable artistry across the world.  Please let me know if you have traveled to locations such as Cascina Rodiani.....and I will pack … Continue reading The Artistry of Sustainability

Where All Sounds Dwell

  Wind shifting through beach grass Black winged one lofting in place directly overhead Fighting gusting winds with a whoosh of wings Ocean waves pounding upon the shore at my back And amidst all of it a threshold of silence Where all sounds dwell before they are created ~~~~~~~~~ Written at South Salmon Creek Beach, … Continue reading Where All Sounds Dwell

The Best Things In Life….

Waking up on a moist light filled Sunday morning graced with peaceful nature sounds of forest and creek. All is well in this moment, laced with a sharp awareness that everything could change in an instant....and has...and will.

Embodying Attention

Take a few moments to pay attention to this image from my deck and take in not only what is present, but also how it makes you feel. Look closely and notice what you are feeling in your body sensations, your breath, your thoughts. What stories emerge?.....

Sanctuary In Times of Turmoil

This is a time of great upheaval, shifts….. and changes that must be made if we are to survive and eventually thrive. There is great loss as the imbalance that has been caused by humans wreaks havoc on all forms of life.