Ways to Gently Shake The World

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.”

~Mahatma Gandhi


In a time of tremendous necessity for change, in the middle of a transformative   paradigm shift, it can feel we are powerless to contribute to the change we wish to see based on our values and the sacredness of life.

 This is what arose from the banks of Wolf Creek one day dwelling upon this question.

What are gentle yet powerful ways to “shake the world”?

~ Gratitude each day for another opportunity to live and love fully.

~Healing relationships that may have cracks in them.

~Learning about, finding and planting pollinator plants and herbs for bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

~Planting and nurturing tree seedlings.

~Grow your own organic garden and/or buy from local organic farmers

~Connecting and deepening friendships – old and new.

~Clearly setting boundaries with others releasing them to find their own path to wholeness.

~Continuing to be curious and trusting the unfolding.

~Consuming and traveling with our values.

~Loving without holding back.

~Listening deeply without interruption while letting go of our own agendas

~Simplifying our lives even more – “Enough is as good as a feast.” – Swedish Proverb

~Honoring the gifts we have been bestowed with this lifetime by acceptance, gratitude, opening awareness and deepening our abilities.

~Laughing often and sharing it with others.

~Moving in the world without fear and living from a space of peace within that deepens as we pay attention.

~Honoring the natural world by our daily actions and deepening our relationship with the source of all life.

~Unleashing creativity where we find joy and passion.

~Finding a daily practice that honors the sacred within and all life.

What are your gentle ways?

Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages 9/12/19
















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