The Gifts of Stillness


“If you are not now in touch with the mysterious majesty of life, look again.  It’s just as mysterious as you thought it was as a child.” ~Brother Curtis Almquist

The deck off my small living space which looks out over hundreds of trees and a creek below has recently been dedicated as a pollinator garden for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds….and whatever else finds its way there.

The pure enjoyment of planting was followed by the joy of simply being with the beauty created by hands in dirt and an eye out for creative placement.

Out of the stillness of simply sitting in a chair embraced by the silence within and expanding senses like the awareness of a child – wide open and receptive – into the landscape on the deck and beyond, magic happened.

Brilliant colored birds seemed to leap out of the camouflage of tree limbs and leaves; sounds became crystal clear underneath the roar of the creek below; and small creatures started visiting my deck.

First was a monarch butterfly who lit on a geranium blossom and proceeded to explore inside each flower.  Was it attracted by smell, color or my dedication ceremony to butterflies, bees and birds?

After awhile a small honeybee nestled in another flowering plant followed by a large bumblebee exploring the same territory the small bee had just vacated.

My deck seemed alive with small visitors of nature as I became the still statuary on the deck watching with wonder at the majesty of nature before me. Had the word gotten out?

The final guest at my pollinator garden dedication turned ceremony came from a larger than normal hummingbird who didn’t come close, but hovered just outside the perimeter of the deck next to a close by cedar tree – almost as if conveying her seal of approval and then departing as quickly as she came.

I wonder what a child would have thought about my guests? I was in awe…..


Gaye Abbott, 6/2/19





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