Resilient Renewal


“Now I see the secret of making the best person.  It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth. ” 

~Walt Whitman

Spring inevitably brings with it a landscape of rebirth and renewal reminding us of the resiliency of the natural world… and of our very own being. 

Going beyond the surface of story to the energy of the cumulative experience.  Always flowing and changing no matter how stuck in habit, pattern, myths, story, pain or grief. Out beyond our small grasp of life.

Though the mind may stay on the surface it can be a gateway into the depths of embodied life experience. Dragging healing, wisdom and expanded awareness right along with it.


No prisoner of ungrounded assumptions, but invited to dive down into the center of a brilliant flower pulsing with color, the depths beneath the roaring creek where rocks are giving way to the power of water, the roots of trees communing under the earths surface on behalf of community vitality for all trees, brilliant sun energy awakening all life out of slumber, riding on the wings of the hawk soaring on an updraft of air.

Embraced within the rhythms of life.


There is a myth about that every 7 years we have a brand new body.  In actuality we are renewing every single moment.  Most of the 50-70 trillion cells in our body  have a finite life span and are replaced when they die. Even after death some cells live on for days.

The lining of our stomach changes every couple of days; colon cells every 4 days; skin cells every 2-3 weeks; 10 million new red blood cells are born daily; our skeleton changes completely every 10 years and muscles every 15; the hair on our head every 2-7 years.  

And then there are parts that stay with us for a lifetime.  The brain cells we are born with stay unless damaged.  Only the circuits or synapses are vulnerable to change.  Half of our heart cells regenerate during our lives and many original live on. 

Stories change, people come and go, cells die and become replaced…..and death inevitably arrives.  In a constant dance of death and rebirth we are powerfully reminded over and over again of the resiliency and plasticity of life. 

Why do we so often forget and become mentally stuck in a constant battle with our precious embodied, resilient, sacred and fluid life?


Copyright 4/1/18 by Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages Consulting, Grass Valley, CA







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