Earth Roots


Arrive curious, without the armor of certainty,
the plans and planned results of the life you’ve imagined.

Live the life that chooses you,
new every breath, every blink of your astonished eyes.

~Rebecca del Rio (Prescription for the Disillusioned)

A natural platform of rock and dirt by Wolf Creek – an altar space where daily Qigong takes place.  This was sanctuary to reconnect after being 7 days in the city of Sacramento last week.

In the city the sidewalks and streets were most often paved over burying any connection with the surface of the earth.  Noise and lack of kindness abounding in the disconnection to what gives us life.

Though trees lined the streets, yards contained flowers and other plant life, and a few parks were sprinkled here and there (often with paved pathways), most often I observed city people staying to the man made surfaces and transportation with cell phones in their hands, technology all around, rubber soled shoes blocking earth energies (try out Earth Runners) and noise everywhere.

Watching life versus living life.

Disconnection to the earth, to others, and actually to themselves.  A disembodiment so profoundly present that the energy felt wildly chaotic – over stimulation blasting nervous systems.

Sadly, my strong sense was that many have gone numb to sensing this change in their own bodies and minds.

Yet, we are interdependent with the very elements that create and sustain us.  The elements that we cannot live without. The elements we have taken for granted.  The elements that have been relegated to other.

I understand more clearly now why there is a revival of creating city and roof top gardens and making parks more available to every day use and recreation.  A hunger for connection to something vibrantly alive, real – not virtual – energetically sustaining, creatively stimulating.

Beauty unfolding in front of and within us.

Perhaps it was just me – an empathic nature girl in the deepest parts of my being – but I am willing to bet those leading city based lives who don’t take time out to walk barefoot on the earth, wrap their arms around a tree, see shapes and colors come and go in the sky and clouds, place their nose close to flowers and herbs, talk to the animals and insects and generally touch home base on a daily basis are losing a significant part of being human.

I am speaking of Earth Roots here.  When we lose our roots – our deep innate connection to the skin of this planet –  we lose ourselves, it is just that simple.

Roots burrowing into the earth, activating deeper potential – beyond the normal, beyond the habits.  An energetic and heart awareness of something holding and grounding each one of us into our lives.

To a lifetime way of being we came in with…..and were destined for.

A purpose of being that has been lost somewhere amidst the scattered attention on meaningless and transitory “things”.  Leading to deep inner sorrow, a sense of being “lost”, un-grounded, and dosed with habitual mediocrity.

Do we trust when we are off course?  How do we even know if we don’t have roots to ground us.  To give us someplace to come home to.  To navigate from like a GPS that is forever there for us without the technology.

Can we find our way by our senses?

That natural way of being that hears the trees breathe, takes note of the wisdom the creek teaches as it flows over the obstacles in it’s path, completely enraptured with the exquisite softness of moss and the smell of fresh earth after it rains, in a state of awe and wonder watching the miracle of a bee next to the hummingbird, soothed by the symphony of birds nearby, tracks direction by the stars or the sun’s position in the sky, is aware of earth energy that pours from the soles into the soul…..

Trusting innate knowing and intuition at the deepest levels.

Collapsing down onto the Earth in praise and gratitude that we, as humans, have been given these roots to wake up!


4 thoughts on “Earth Roots

  1. Beautifully expressed! It was only when we moved here (to a wee village surrounded by fields and trees) that I realized my soul had been dead for 7 years while we lived in town, surrounded by houses and pavements.
    My soul enlivened, expanded, and can now breathe as all I see is green life, all I hear is birdsong 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The way we were meant to live dear Claire. I do believe the very essence of our being wakes up when embraced by the natural world. Someday I trust I will visit the UK and would love to see your “wee village”! Thank you for such a lovely comment!! Two Hands At My Heart, Gaye


      1. Well, we have a guest room, and even more space when the kids are at college 🙂 You are MOST welcome to come stay – hubby’s mum and sister are visiting from US at this very moment 😀


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