The Dis-Ease of “What’s Next?”

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The beginning of a New Year can make us feel there are new possibilities before and inside of us that are waiting to be unwrapped like a gift.

To be explored and relished. And at other times to move past fear of failure, or reluctance that is birthed from the internal dilemma of whether we are up to what is being asked of us.

To trust and test the full capacities that we are innately born with. To “clean up” our life and try on new ways of being.

What if devotion to living within a new awareness became your “New Year’s Resolution”?

Pomegranate taught me another lesson this week.  As I was slicing the fruit for the thrilling experience of opening it to reveal the brilliant red seeds with juicy interiors, each in their own little pocket – I thought about the packaged seeds already taken from the fruit in the grocery stores now.

Separated from where they came from.

Those packaged, supposedly time saving kernels, that are literally disconnected from the elegant fruit itself –their natural earth based home. I know some of you have succumbed to convenience like this, but I ask very seriously, at what cost?

I will come back to that in a bit.

OK I am going to confess something here.  For most of my adult life I have been wired by my culture, physiology, and perhaps by an insecure childhood, to continually think about what is next on the what seems like never ending mental agenda.

When I am in the middle of a task and at times even when I am walking along the trail by my beloved Wolf Creek.  My mind has already raced ahead to the next steps, the next task, the next event, the next place I will be – well you get it.

As physical humans our brains are indeed wired to be aware of what is around us at all times for survival.  To pay attention to the “bad stuff”.

Unfortunately, these days there are 100’s more stimuli to keep track of in any one moment in time that are actually meaningless to our survival.

How many embodied moments have we lost this way? How much of our life has passed us by without our even noticing?

Perhaps this is why my entire being loves to dance – ecstatic free form dance and contact improvisation in my case.  For you it may be painting, photography, music, cooking or…and the list goes on.

When I am dancing I lose all sense of mind attempting to mold a “what is next” moment.  Lost in a sea of energetic clues the request is to simply embody the moment and trust the unfolding alone, or with others.

To passionately, tenderly, creatively live each moment as it comes…. completely and utterly surprised and delighted, and at times taken apart, or placed in the middle of a great challenge with what emerges.

This is freedom.  This is living life in our fullest capacity as humans. Celebrating the exquisite interconnection and interdependence of all life.

Saturating ourselves in the God given senses that make us human.

I have to confess that I have to be constantly aware of the pattern of “what is next” in my daily life.  It sometimes feels like this is a means to make me feel “secure”.  An ancient biological urge to protect and be safe.

In reality this is what keeps us imprisoned.

Slave to the future.  Captive of the mind endlessly being busy for what purpose?

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when we need to know what is next.  Often in fact.  Like driving, at work or a surgical procedure.

But living one’s entire life from this place is contracted and could be classified as a dis-ease.  A stressor that limits us in accessing the very essence of who we are and our immense capabilities.

Watch our children play before they have lost that delightful creative spontaneity that our culture restricts once they are older.  Being within the unfolding is the way in.

Inhabiting the moment open to whatever comes next.  Lost in this unfolding moment time seems to stand still.

Those juicy and spectacularly brilliant and beautiful pomegranate seeds had me mesmerized and lost in my senses. Connected to the miracle of nature that could produce such a fruit as this one.

Where does this fruit come from?  What amazing and powerful uses for health, vitality and pure sensual pleasure does it hold?  How is this pomegranate unique from another one?  Where does it grow?

Feel the smoothness of the whole fruit with natural ridges and curves.  Allow the colors to dazzle your eyes.  Watch the juice flow over your fingers as you cut through the pomegranate to open the secrets inside.

Those packaged separate from the whole fruit seeds in the grocery store would not have evoked this experience for me.

Have you lost the full experience of your life?  The aliveness, vitality and sensual awareness that makes us human.

So many have divorced themselves from the earth and all other living creatures and elements that we are intimately interdependent with.

Have fallen victim to the dis-ease of “what is next”? and lost the present moment of “what is now”.

We have sterilized our lives for convenience.

So I ask you, what shift in awareness can you devotedly live within this year?


ADDENDUM:  The images above were taken in a simple in the moment exploration along the banks of Wolf Creek.  An ecstatic dance of creative fun and sacred connection with nature WITHOUT one bit of “what’s next?” interfering…….smiling!

Copyright by Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages Consulting, January 2018.  Please share this post freely linking to the author.  Thank you!



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