The Best Things In Life….


“Welcome the present moment as if you have invited it. Why?

Because it is all we ever have.”

~Pema Chodron

Waking up on a moist light filled Sunday morning graced with peaceful nature sounds of forest and creek.  All is well in this moment, laced with a sharp awareness that everything could change in an instant….and has…and will.

The natural world accepts this, but we as humans do not…. and are often taken by surprise shot through with anxiety or fear when life takes it’s inevitable twists and turns.

Where can we find sanctuary and a sense of peace within this sometimes violent and chaotic unfolding of necessary change and transformation?

 IMG_1396The big trees around us teach that ultimately sanctuary is an inside job.

It does not come in the outer “things” that we accumulate, but in the deepest recesses of our cells where there is an entire universe pulsing.

It does not come in treating the beloved people in our life, or the natural world, as “things” and not the precious beings that absolutely challenge, provide for and love us beyond measure.

All is temporary. Why not dive into the moments of our lives leaving no part of our being unexpressed and no inner wound unhealed?

So when we pass from this life all that remains behind is a memorial to absolute wild, untamed and creatively passionate love expressed from our unique presence here….

….releasing any “thing” that bars our way to freedom, to love and live out loud.

All Rights Reserved by Gaye Abbott. Copyright 2017










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