All Just Passing Through

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell. you.  Don't go back to sleep. Jalaluddin Rumi Awakening to the muffled sound of wild turkeys and the always present soft roar of Wolf Creek the dawn slowly crept into the window of my small abode.  Watching from my bed it seemed as if God was gently … Continue reading All Just Passing Through

Embodying Attention

Take a few moments to pay attention to this image from my deck and take in not only what is present, but also how it makes you feel. Look closely and notice what you are feeling in your body sensations, your breath, your thoughts. What stories emerge?.....

Sanctuary In Times of Turmoil

This is a time of great upheaval, shifts….. and changes that must be made if we are to survive and eventually thrive. There is great loss as the imbalance that has been caused by humans wreaks havoc on all forms of life.